Breathwork & Nervous System Health

Conscious Connected Breathing to heal and balance the body, mind, emotions and Spirit
Repatterning of the subconscious breathing pattern.
Effective for all trauma and concussion.

Mikel Ann is a Facilitator of Breath & Nervous System Repatterning, Life Coach, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Teacher & Cacao Carrier.

She brings a holistic approach to her work using a blend of modern breathwork techniques, ancient traditions creating more balance between the body, mind, emotions and spirit and the ritual of Cacao, honouring her for the plant medicine and heart opening elixir she is, ourselves and the wisdom of the breath.

Having completed a trek to Mt Everest basecamp in 2012 and an Ironman in 2013, Mikel embodies and understands the mind-set of commitment to big goals and working with the body to achieve desired outcomes.

She has come through a series of major surgeries and recovery from significant injuries, experiencing a total disconnect from her sense of self and her identity and has mastered the process of remembering who we are, creating safety within ourselves, and reconnecting with our purpose and power. She focuses on the power of our mind-set in any recovery and strengthening process, including repatterning the breath and returning the whole nervous system to balance and optimal resiliency.

Breathwork played a major role in her return to herself and creating safety within herself to access emotions that were ready to release.

Mikel Ann knows the power of a supported process and how that catalyses the transformation we want to see in ourselves and our lives.

Mikel Ann is a Facilitator of Breath & Nervous System Repatterning, Life Coach, graduate of t... Read More

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