Breathwork & Nervous System Health

Conscious Connected Breathing to heal and balance the body, mind, emotions and Spirit
Repatterning of the subconscious breathing pattern.
Effective for all trauma and concussion.

Jila sees wholeness in her clients and helps them unearth and integrate what stands between their current reality and their truest essence and soul’s calling. She does not “heal” people, but accompanies those who are ready to optimize their breath and regulate their nervous system, on a journey of self-discovery.

Greater vitality, capacity, resilience and self-acceptance are what many of her clients experience through consistent practice. She has also helped clients unwind physical and emotional trauma from accidents and life events. She’s been licensed in massage therapy for over a decade and brings attuned touch and an understanding of physiology to her sessions. Jila bridges the science of the breath with a ceremonial container and weaves her voice and instruments into her sessions. She provides a safe space where clients are able to go deep.

Jila brings her passion for the voice into her Vocal Empowerment sessions for anyone wanting greater ease and freedom in their voice, especially anyone who feels shut down in that area or has experienced trauma around the area of their self expression or voice itself. She also offers a session called “Deep Reset” which combines cranio-sacral technique with attuned touch and sound healing. ~ Jila began her journey with conscious connected breathing 20 years ago, as an alternative to traditional therapy. She has trained in Rebirthing, Transformational Breath and Facilitated Breath Repatterning. This work helped her out of the loop of analyzing her life and reliving painful memories, and onto an empowered path forward.

Jila is fully devoted to the breath, and is a vessel for this work in both 1:1 sessions, as well as leading groups and having assisted on trainings in Spain, the US and with Breathwork Bali for its facilitator training. Jila has trained in Craniosacral Therapy, ISHTA Yoga and Hakomi (somatic psychotherapy).

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Jila sees wholeness in her clients and helps them unearth and integrate what stands between their... Read More

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